Add Ticket Number To Git Commit Automatically

I'm gonna explain automation to add ticket number in your git commit

I Will Build Frontend And Backend Separately

I'm gonna introduce my django scaffold to allow you to manage fron-end back-end separately

Order Of Angular Controller's Initialisation

I'm gonna explain order of angular controller's initialisation

Don't Forget $digest In Angular Directive Unit Test

Explain a tips for angular directive test to call $digest

How Long Dose Browser Keep Data In Session

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Use Any_instance_of In Rspec

tips of rails stub which is called any_instance_of

How To Use Kaminari From Array

I always forget way of use rails pagination library (kaminari) with array

How To Check Method Calling In Rspec

You can check a method is called or not by using receive in rspec. describe "#method" do it "should call method_b" do @user = expect(@user).to...

How To Add Extra Data In Draper

If you want to add extra data in draper you can use :context option. person.rb class Persion < Draper::Decorator is_admin? context[:role] == 'admin' end end...

How To Get Params Using Angularjs

Basic Usage If you want to get params using angularjs app.js angular.module('app', []) .config(appConfig); appConfig.$inject = ['$routeProvider']; function...