AMP to PWA for Gatsby

AMP-to-PWA is one of PWAMP architecture for collaboration AMP and PWA. I would explain how to implement it using Gatsby.

AMP to PWA をGatsbyで実装する




AMP ⚡ using Gatsby

I created gatsby plugin for generating AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). I try to explain how to use it.

Do not use Number.toFixed for Rounding

How to use Google PageSpeed Test in CI

Is it possible to test site using Google PageSpeed Insight in CI ? The answer is YES!

What you should care about markdown for AMP

I'll explain what you need to care about markdown for AMP expecially IMG, IFRAME

Add ticket number to git commit automatically

I'm gonna explain automation to add ticket number in your git commit

I will build frontend and backend separately

I'm gonna introduce my django scaffold to allow you to manage fron-end back-end separately