May 19, 2013

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What are these?

OOCSS(Object-Oriented CSS) and SMACSS(Scalable and Modular Architechture for CSS) are concept that help us to reuse html components.

OOCSS was proposed by Nicole Sullivan, SMACSS was proposed by Jonathan Snook.

What are these concept?

Once create html objects and can be reused into the site.

  • We have to sepalate some components in html elements e.g. (headings, lists, text treatments and links, containers, media, grids, and template.)
  • We will make style each components.
  • It make components reduce dependence in html elements.


  • Style become more reusable.
  • CSS size is more less.


  • HTML size is more large. ( Because of using more css classes.) > But it is not important, because file size increasing is smaller than whole of data size.

What I should

    • separete container and contents style.
    • separate structure and skin style.
    • use multi these classes ( container, contents, structure and skin style )
    • separate style following categories > * base -> base css e.g. reset style etc.. > * layout -> divide section. include some modules > * modules -> reusable parts e.g. slidebar ,callouts, button > * state -> how modules or layout is looked in particular state e.g. hover, active, hide, expand, smaller, bigger > * theme -> ditto ( same as above )

What I ought not

  • It should avoid to use ID selector and !important keyword as much as possible. (Because ID selector elements is much stronger than class elements. We can override other style it.)



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